Virtual airline VIRTAVIA is a community of virtual pilots who share the love of the sky and airplanes. We do not copy flights of any one real airline, do not use our own livery on a mandatory basis. Members of our VAC can use any board and any flight, real or fictional. The main thing is flying without restrictions, everyone decides on what to fly and how to fly. Freedom of choice, administrative equality (yes, we do not have dictatorship and superiors) and a general passion are the main criteria of our VAC. We do not make demands on applicants for entry into the Higher Attestation Commission, neither age nor experience are important, the main thing is your desire to fly. If you need advice or help, we will always help, teach and help. An integral part of the VAC is the site, which is a portal on aviation topics. All successful flights and soft landings!

Flight Scoreboard

CEO:Evgeniy Tsurko
Flight Instructor Online:Nikolay Grishin


List of pilots of VAC in IVAO

VAC call sign VID IVAO Position
VAA790 556078 CEO
VAA204 459310 Flight Instructor Online
VAA067 483670 Pilot
VAA175 585803 Pilot
VAA179 602018 Pilot
VAA666 577692 Pilot
VAA099 215057 Pilot
VAA783 615979 Pilot
VAA011 593801 Pilot
VAA467 594078 Pilot
VAA379 597117 Pilot
VAA120 598626 Pilot
VAA001 562690 Pilot
VAA860 608718 Pilot
VAA501 621760 Pilot
VAA474 653636 Pilot
VAA247 663247 Pilot